Open House Success Tips

Even in the digital age, an open house is one of the best tools for real estate success. No number of online listings or high-resolution photographs can replace an in-person home tour, and few people are willing to buy a property sight unseen.

If you plan on selling your home, chances are you will be hosting at least a few open houses. How you approach those open houses can make all the difference. The steps you take now could speed the sale and even boost the selling price. Here are some timely tips for a successful open house.

Advertise the Open House
You cannot expect people to attend your open house if they do not know about it. No matter how many chocolate chip cookies you bake or how well you stage the property, without advertising, the home is likely to stay on the market.

It is important to advertise your upcoming open house widely, using several digital and traditional platforms. From social media outreach and real estate blogs to good old fashioned signage, the more places you advertise the open house the better.

Prepare the Premises
The open house is your chance to show off your home, so put the property in its best light. Home staging is a critical part of any successful open house, so think about what buyers want to see and do your best to highlight those areas.

When it comes to staging your home, you have two basic choices: you can stage the property on your own, using tips you find online and advice from your real estate agent or you can hire a professional to do the work for you. The path you choose is up to you, but preparing the premises is critically important.

Put Out the Paperwork
Every time you host an open house, you hope it ends in an offer. That is why it is important to lay out the paperwork before the open house, so you will be ready when those offers start rolling in.

You will also want to print up and distribute a lot of flyers and informational materials, so make sure you have enough to go around. The paperwork and promotional materials you supply should include all the basic information about the property, from the number of bedrooms to the year the house was built.

Interact with Visitors
Open house attendees will probably have several questions, and you should be prepared to answer them. Now is your chance to interact with visitors, so put on your most winning smile and get ready to talk about what makes your home so special.

Even if your real estate agent is doing the heavy lifting, you should be available throughout the open house. Interacting with open house visitors is part of your job as a homeowner, and the right interaction could seal the deal and speed the sale.

If you are thinking about selling your home, you need to plan for all those open houses. Online listings may get your home some attention, but it is the face-to-face interactions that will get it sold.

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