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Tips for First Time Home Sellers

Selling your home can be a complicated and intimidating process, especially if you have never done it before. Being a first-time home seller is tough, and it is not easy to navigate the tricky waters of the real estate market.

If you want to succeed in this difficult environment, you need a game plan. Here are some tips to make your first-time home selling process a positive, and profitable, one.


Price Realistically

You might wish to make $100,000 on your home, but chances are you will not. If you price your home too high, it could sit on the market for months with nary a nibble.

It is important to price your home competitively, using information from comparable sales in your area. Keep in mind that the absence of features and amenities that are currently in high demand could make your property less attractive, so you may need to lower your asking price accordingly. You can find information about home sales in your region, and the amenities home buyers are looking for, with a few simple internet searches.


Prepare to Accrue Debt

In the long run, selling your home could mean making a profit, but there are expenses in the meantime. If you are planning to sell your home, you need to be prepared to accrue some debt.

You will need to pay the real estate commission, as well as potential capital gains taxes on any profit you make. Also keep in mind that there is no relationship between the assessed value of your home, its taxable value and the actual market value. In the end, your home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay.


Throw in Something Extra

In a competitive housing market, buyers often look for something extra, and sellers who can offer those extras have a leg up when it comes to selling their homes. If you want to make your property stand out from the rest, think about the extras you can afford to offer.

Those extras could be nearly anything, from a brand-new washer and dryer set to a big-screen television or home entertainment center. You can research what buyers are looking for and make your offers accordingly.


Clean It Up

No one wants to buy a cluttered home yet failing to clean up the property is one of the biggest mistakes first-time home sellers make. Take a hard look at your home before you call a real estate agent, then grab some boxes and start hauling away the clutter.

Whether you hold a pre-sale yard sale, haul your old stuff to Goodwill, or rent a storage locker, clearing away the clutter is a vital first step; one that will make your home more attractive and a lot easier to sell.

Clearing away the clutter is also the first step to successful home staging, a process that can be extremely effective at bringing in lookers and turning them into buyers. Whether you hire a pro to stage your home or do the work yourself, the first step is clearing out the clutter.

Ask an Agent

Selling your home on your own can be a real challenge even if you have previous experience. Trying to sell your first home without an agent is just asking for trouble.

Asking for assistance in selling your home has several vital benefits, from making it easier to price, to getting tips on proper home staging. There is a high failure rate for sales by owner, so do yourself a favor and hire a pro.


Selling your first home can be intimidating, but it does not have to be. With the right advice, guidance, and planning, you can sell your home fast and for top dollar, so you can get on with the rest of your life. Call an agent at Urbanista Daytona Beach for more help today.