Tips for Top-Notch Curb Appeal

Whether you are selling your starter home and moving up to your dream home or selling your oversized home and downsizing into retirement, you can make the most of your investment. For most people, the roof over their head is the single biggest purchase they will ever make, and when it comes time to sell, every dollar counts.

If you want to get the most for your real estate investment, you need to look at your home through the eyes of a buyer. Enhance your curb appeal, make those little repairs you have been putting off, and spruce up the property with those would-be buyers in mind. Here are some proven ways to achieve the kind of curb appeal that sells homes fast.


Add Some Greenery

You will be surprised at the difference a few plants can make, so head to the local nursery and do some shopping. Add some plants to your front porch and welcome those home shoppers in style. Plant flowers around your mailbox or flagpole, enhance your front walk with a line of flowers and look for other ways or areas to spruce up your home.

You can also add plants and flowers to your landscape, so look at your property to find a place to plant. With all the added lush greenery, you will have a beautiful home; one that buyers will flock to.


Clean Things Up

Now is the time to clean things up and get your home in tip-top shape. Start by pressure washing your sidewalk and driveway; you want the exterior of your home to be spotless.

You should also pressure wash your siding or brick to make it sparkle in the sun. You want to put your home in the best possible light, and that starts with cleaning things up.

Let Your Architecture Shine

Whether your home was built five years ago or a century ago, you want to let the architecture shine through. Resist the urge to hide that beautiful brickwork, exposed wood, and other architectural elements; let them shine through and do the talking.

Assess the exterior of your home; focus on its best features and make sure those features are visible to would-be buyers. You want your home to do the talking, so make sure it has something good to say.



The right accessories can make a world of difference, so look around your home and do some shopping. From colorful throw pillows on the couch to new linens in the bedroom to a new set of storage shelves in the garage, those little things can make a huge impact on a would-be buyer.

You do not have to spend a fortune to accessorize your home. A few carefully chosen pieces can make a huge difference, so let your inner decorator shine through. Be sure to match the style of your home when you accessorize; you want those new elements to blend in, not stick out.


Decorate for the Holidays

If you are selling your home during the holidays, be sure to decorate it right. Whether the season in question is Christmas, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, the right décor can make a world of difference.

Creating an ever-changing landscape in and around your home will pique the interest of would-be buyers and encourage home shoppers to become home buyers. Break out your favorite holiday décor and get ready to make a splash.


Make a Great First Impression

The front door is the first thing would-be buyers will see, so make the most of it. Start by painting your front door a bold color, then accessorize with a stylish floral wreath.


A good first impression is everything in real estate, and you want to ensure your home pops. Look at the property through the eyes of a buyer, then get ready for a quick and profitable sale.